Honorary Chairman 名譽主席: Dr. Charles Ku 谷祖光

Chairwoman主席: Helene Lee 羅玉昭

Secretary秘書長: Chialing Chung 王嘉玲

Treasurer財務長: Alex Lin 林根橋

Treasurer財務長: Peggy Chu 曹利娜

The purpose of our Sister Cities Committee is to facilitate business and educational exchanges between DFW cities and schools with Taiwan city government. The committee invites DFW city officials to join them on annual trips to Taiwan to visit their sister cities for in person meetings for greater collaboration thus foster further business relations.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us for future opportunities.

達福台商會7/8/19晩上由達福台湾商會姊妹市委員會主辦歡迎晚宴其姊妹市桃園市長鄭文璨及其赴美考察團來訪。其中最早成立的即桃園和DeSoto市長、達拉斯郡長、DFW Metroplex Mayor's Association 會長Irving Mayor Rick Stopfer、Addison市長及其它城市學區督長都一同在場歡迎鄭市長團隊。當日行程包含前往姊妹市達拉斯郡政府, DART、DFW airport、及在地台商Polytronix寶創科技拜訪,期盼日後促成達福大都會地區與桃園經濟、產業、航空業、文化教育業雙向更多交流,對台美友好關係上更上一層樓。
GDTCC had the privilege of hosting Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan from Taiwan on Monday July 9th along with his municipal delegation. Dallas County and City of Desoto has been sister cities with Taoyuan long before this visit and Mayor Cheng stated would like to extend this bilateral exchange with DFW region.

GDTCC Sister Cities Updates 2019

GDTCC Sister Cities committee 2019 - 2020

Highlights of Sister Cities & Sister Agencies 達福地區台灣商會推展姐妹市締結:

DART and Taipei Rapid Transit System 達拉斯捷運局 & 台北捷運局

DART and Taoyuan County Rapid Transit System 達拉斯捷運局 & 桃園捷運局

DFW International Airport & Taoyuan International Airport 達福國際機場˙ 桃園國際機場 

City of Carrollton & Yungho City 卡羅頓市 & 永和市

City of Dallas & Taipei City 達拉斯市 & 台北市

City of Grand Prairie & Gueishen 大草原市 & 龜山

City of Plano & Hsinchu 布蘭諾市 & 新竹市

City of McKinney & Zhongli 麥肯尼市 & 中壢市

County of Dallas & Taoyuan 達拉斯郡 & 桃園縣

Town of Addison & Banciao 艾迪遜市 & 板橋市

City of Garland & Luchu 嘉倫市 & 蘆竹市