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​Our Mission: Team Work, Main Stream, Platform, Connection, Sharing, All Wins

雷筱鳳 Anna Chu
朱勵    Lee Chu
曹利娜 Peggy Chu
王嘉玲 Chialing Chung
鍾開瑞 Kai Chung

方菲菲 Catherine Fang

方芸芸 Stella Fang
樊秋霞 Tina Higley
洪德源 Ted Hong,
徐安力 An Lee Hsu
許明琪 Karin Hsu
許幼麟 Michael Hsu
黃俊逸 George Huang
張倩旖 Elisa Hutt

President 會長 Suzanne Chen 陳文珊

Vice President 副會長 Frank Chang 張哲銘

Vice President 副會長 Chialing Chung 王嘉玲
VP of Public Relations 副會長 Peggy Chu 曹利娜
VP of Public Relations 副會長 Tina Higley 樊秋霞

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors

2018 - 2020 cabinet members


Greater Dallas is made up of Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas in North Texas. In 1992, a group of Taiwanese business men and other distinguished citizens decided to form a Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, thus "Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce".

 The early function of the chamber was to provide business people from Taiwan a place to communicate, exchange information, and even help each other with difficult situations. It is multi-faceted information and social platform. The chamber has grown tremendously after many prior presidents' efforts to expand and improve. We do not only benefit our own members, but also team up with other mainstream groups to become an important part of the American economy. We have great relationships with members of Congress, Senate, State representatives, governors, mayors, and presidents of universities. Our friends come from all levels of government and higher education.

Our Executive Board of Directors are providing services for all types of businesses and professionals who live in DFW and surrounding areas. Our Board of Directors include people of many professions, such as physicians, lawyers, CPAs, engineers, import / export, architects, and are all well established in their fields. GDTCC 's organization positions include: President (elected by BOD), Chief Supervisor (elected by BOD), Vice-President (l-5; named by President), Secretary (3 named by President), Treasurer (1; named by President) and Director of Communication (1; named by President.). GDTCC also established eight committees; Business Opportunity Development Committee, Business Seminar Committee, International Business Visit Committee, Charity Committee, Chinese New Year Gala Committee, Sister City Committee, International Exchange Students Committee, and International Affairs Committee.

The Sister City Committee has already created 7 sister city relationships between cities in Texas and cities in Taiwan through signed agreement. The GDTCC International Exchange Student program has established student teacher exchange between Tao Yuan & Grand Prairie High Schools. This program also sponsors teachers from our local DBU to teach English in Taiwan. The Mainland China Affairs Committee’s main purpose is to handle any economic, cultural and education exchange between International and the DFW area, and to also maintain friendly relations with other chambers of commerce international. 

Chief Supervisor 監事長 Kathy Lin 楊慧美

Treasurer 財務長Anna Chu 雷筱鳳
Vice Treasurer 副財務長Brian Tsai 蔡旺璋

Director of E-Marketing 資訊長Canon Chen 陳可農
Secretary/Director of Public Affairs Elisa Hutt 張倩旖

黃金森  Peter Huang  第 2 屆 (1993-1994)
洪德源  Ted Hong  第 3 屆 (1994-1995)
張茂雄 Mao Chen  第 4 屆 (1995-1996)
林根喬  Alex Lin  第 5 屆 (1996-1997)
方菲菲 Catherine Fang  第 6 屆 (1997-1998)
陳強華  Charles Chen   第 7 屆 (1998-1999)
陳福榮  Frank Chen    第 8 屆 (1999-2000)
周建源 Joe Chow   第 9 屆 (2000-2001)
方芸芸 Stella Fang  第 10 屆 (2001-2002)
谷祖光  Dr. Charles Ku  第 11屆~第13屆 (2002-2005)

 美國德州達拉斯地區是由兩個大的都會區Dallas(達拉斯市)及Fort Worth(福和市)所組成。英文稱為“DFW”,中文稱為“達福地區”。於1992年中之時,一些居住在美國德州達福地區,從台灣來投資經商創業和學業有成的人士,在達福地區共同籌建了一個商會,所以命名為“達福地區台灣商會”Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce。

商會早期的功能為讓從台灣來此地經商的僑胞有個互相聯絡,交換商機,傳達訊息,甚至解決疑難雜事的一個多功能的資訊平台。經過了多位前任會長熱心努力的經營,商會會務蒸蒸日上,不僅服務本身的會員,更合達福地區的主流社會交流結合,成功的進入美國主流社會,與美國的政要參議員,州議員, 18個城市的市長,市議員,大學校長等都有非常好的互動與關係。


Board Honorary Presidents 歷屆會長

Suzanne Chen
Greater Dallas Taiwanese
Chamber of Commerce

羅玉昭  Helene Lee   第 14 屆~第 15 屆 (2005-2007)
曹明宗  William Tsao  第 16 屆~第 17 屆 (2007-2010)
朱勵     Lee Chu  第 18 屆~第 19 屆 (2010-2012)
鍾開瑞  Kai Chung 第 20 屆~第 21 屆 (2012-2014)
陳世修  Arthur Chen 第 22 屆~第 23 屆 (2014-2016)
李庭槐 Ting-Whai Lee 第24界~第25屆 (2016-2018)

Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (GDTCC)

高瑋    Abby Liu
陳盈蓁 Kelley Liu
           Richard Ming

黃金森 Peter Ng
           Daniel Ng*
           Elias Nunley
畢可璞 Ke-Pu Pi
薄堅    Chin Po
曹明宗 William Tsao
曾柏樺 Richard Tseng
曹祖芳 Maria Tu
黃威廉 William Vong
楊中平 James Yang
楊毓山 Yueh Sam  Yang

The mission of the Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce is to promote business, economic, and cultural exchanges between Taiwan, China, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Over many years, under the leadership of our past presidents, our chamber has grown to become a strong voice and an international bridge for the DFW community.

The Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce has fostered cultural and economic exchange through the creation of the GDIF Foundation, a 501(c)3 foundation that supports educational and cultural exchange programs. This year, we are excited to start our new partnership with the International Leadership Foundation (ILF). Through this program, we will refer outstanding college students to Washington D.C. for federal internship opportunities. Today’s charity gala is also on behalf of this foundation and the work it does in promoting these exchange programs between Taiwan and the DFW area. We are thankful for your partnership in this vision and effort.

We will also be hosting a business & Education conference with a banquet this year. The conference will include a discussion of China's "One belt one Road" project and its influences on the world economy and politics. Additionally, a group of successful entrepreneurs will share their stories. The final topic will be education with a focus on developing our future leaders from our next generation.

The worldwide network of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce is more than 40,000 members strong, with 188 Chapters in 76 countries. We have contacted many of them and we are excited to be well situated in our position to bridge the business communities of DFW and Asia.

May the Year of the Pig bring all the best to you. We are so thrilled to share our Chinese New Year celebration and our culture with you, our friends, so that we can understand one another better.

Happy New Year!

會長的話  Words from President

張哲銘 Frank Chang
曹景和 Jean Chang
張傑西 Jean Chang
趙志峯 Michael Chao
趙友安 Steve Chao
陳世修 Arthur Chen
陳定國 Daniel Chen
陳翼熙 E.C. Chen
陳福榮 Frank Chen
傅雪芬 Nancy Chen
陳文珊 Suzanne Chen
蔣佑邦 Laurence Chiang
周子翔 Arthur Chow
周建源 Joe Chow

陳景華 Jane Jan
           Bruce Jones
陳碧蘭 April Kao
葛兆涵 Eric Ko
谷祖光 Charles Ku
郭宇傑 Jack Kuo
李锦泉 Eric Lee
羅玉昭 Helene Lee
李智明 James Lee

李庭槐 Ting-Whai Lee
廖學德 Steven Liao
林根喬 Alex Lin

​林斯琦 Chi Chi Lin
楊慧美 Kathy Lin
林荃莘 Tracy Lin